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Melnick, Moffitt & Mesaros ENT Associates is the otolaryngology practice to go to in Lebanon. Here you will find caring doctors and nurses who strive to give you the best possible health care, in a friendly, inviting atmosphere. We take the time to get to know you and truly listen. Nothing makes us happier than keeping you and your family healthy!

Currently we have treated over 60,000 patients and many of them have been with our practice since they were young. We love seeing our patients grow up through the years. Above all, we pride ourselves in offering the best possible health care. At Melnick, Moffitt & Mesaros ENT Associates you can count on receiving health care services in a friendly and open environment. We are here to listen and make sure you get the best care possible!

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Balloon Sinus Dilation

Suffering from poor sinus drainage, you already know that antibiotics, and decongestants can do only so much. Balloon sinus dilation is a procedure that gently expands the natural sinus openings to fix underlying drainage problems.

Balloon Sinus Dilation

BAHA Cochlear Implant

Today, there are two types of Baha Systems – the Baha Attract System and the Baha Connect System. Both offer unique Cochlear technology designed to help you hear and communicate with confidence.

BAHA Cochlear Implant

Conveniently Located

Here at Melnick Mofitt Mesaros ENT Associates, we pride ourselves on being available to you. We are conveniently located in Lebanon, PA, serving the ENT needs of our patients throughout Lebanon, PA!

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